About Us

We are small in size. We are big in business philosophy.


Functionality Orientation.

All your products are oriented toward practical functionality.

Your grid organizer is produced for organizing your small travel gadgets.

Your travel backpack is produced for travelling light for 2-week international travel.  


Listen Carefully To Advice.

Your products are accompanied by advice from the beginning to the end.

Hundreds of reviews on similar products, advice of savvy travelers and testers, suggestions of technicians.

Your grid organizer goes through the way. So does your travel backpack.


Simple Is More.

Every product has many variations, like size, color etc..

However only one or two variations are the most welcomed or the most practical.

We only focus the one or two variations. 

For example

Similar grid organizers have many sizes. However the size of 12*8 inches is the most welcomed. So your grid organizer has just one size.


We wish one day you would proudly tell others that your products are cladpigeon. What a proud honor to us!

Thank you for your time.

Best regards