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I researched many travel suitcase/backpacks for travel, since I am planning a trip for a month where I will visit three or more countries and didn't want to drag a rolling bag.I am definitely recommending this bag to friends and co-workers I travel with or know that travel. I'm even taking it to work since some co-workers wanted to see it when I came in.

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the best gadget

Verified Amazon Customer-Agronomy43

This is an excellent grid organizer. It is much lighter than other grids and this does make a difference. I use it in a collapsible pocket backpack and it works great to keep items in place instead of having them all bunched at the bottom. I wish this company made this grid in other sizes. I would buy more!

Verified Amazon Customer -Zunige

Excellent for backpack and commuting

Verified Amazon Customer-Matt

I wish it had adjustable strips on the sides so its not super bulky when you have less things inside. Other than that, really good quality backpack. Perfect for a month's worth of traveling.

Verified Amazon Customer-fabbi

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